Marijuana Musings

I considered whether I should create another blog to share weed inspired thoughts and all dese tings, as opposed to just speaking about it on one of my other blogs.

Funfact:  I have three (3) wordpress blogs:

  • The Queens Yellow Brick Road – intending to document my journey along the ‘yellow brick road’ as life, while I explore my many roles, superimposed on Dorothy, Tin Man, and The Lion.
  • The PUM PUM Tun UP – was intended to explore situations from the POV of a vagina and a vagina only.  In our culture…there is woman…and then there is vagina, almost treated as 2 different entities entirely….sad…but mostly funny
  • Kingston Too – is the vision of my grassroot tourism business providing visitors the opportunity to engage with the real Kingston, exciting and unpretentious, and extremely fun and intense.


Marijuana has a fascinating history…and such a dynamic powerful presence I can’t but absolutely love it…as a herb…a cornerstone and ofcourse a rebel.  Jamaican marijuana is right up there with the other greats of Jamaica, our reggae music via Bob Marley, our fierce and successful sportsmanship as with Bolt and the many before him, I could go on and on. Once again despite many expensive attempts to control its economy, criminalise our young men for its use, Marijuana is now rapidly becoming as they dub it…the newest multi-billion dollar industry…yes weed! Marijuana along with the rastaman suffered excruciatingly for decades under babylon’s gaze and antagonism.

Marijuana is used as medicine, legal in multiple states and countries, businesses cropping up all over, criminalized no more….I swear Bob Marley must be flying even higher to see where we are now!

There is lots to love about marijuana, but this is not the post for it.

Some ah dem weed yah wi mad people pickney! Weed is tantalizing, every draw of herb is a mystery.  You may be able to stabilize your experience if you have one supplier, but even that is not a foo-proof method to protect you from not going bat-shit crazy after a couple of puffs.

Some weed will make you smile, while others will give you belly laughs.  Some will cause you to look deeper into issues, really focus you, while others will take you to the highest edge with a very present feeling that you may just be kicked the fuck off into consciousness abyss..aka full-blown madness.

Here are some tips on smoking weed:

a) Avoid Milk – I have no idea if this actually works, but it is easily the first thing you learn.  It is said that milk and weed will send you to the mad house.  I am not sure if milk is 100%, half cream, Lasco, Condensed Milk…I have no idea and I am in no rush to find out.  I would suggest you do the same.

b) Make sure you have some snacks around, sweet or salty…your high will tell you what you need….go with the flow

c) Do not purchase your weed in city areas or from people who may be interested in just the sales…chances are the marijuana could be laced with other substances to cause a stronger addiction.  The more addicted, the more the sales…see my point?

d) Ensure the marijuana is crushed as finely as possible, it gives a better pull.  If the marijuana is burning on one side of the spliff more than the other…you are getting bun…aka being cheated on…don’t ask me…refer to tip ‘a’ above.

e) If you start to feel nauseous or your heart starts racing, that’s normal, marijuana is said to increase your blood pressure in the first few seconds of smoking.  Drink some water if you feel some type of way, grab one of those snacks and go rest up…oh yea…don’t smoke that weed again.


Best time to smoke marijuana/be high:

1. Right before or during sex – weed amplifies how you are feeling.  So if you are horny or feeling sexy…hmmm….do the math hot stuff.

2.If you had a rough day at work or school and really need to relax, yea…light up and thank God for all your blessings.

3. Have a really tough decision to make…get a piece of paper, your pencil and your spliff…in no time you will have a solution or the courage to tell whoever needs it to shove it!


Don’t ever smoke marijuana if:

1. You are angry…don’t.  That’s not good vibe, you don’t want to amplify that vibration.  If angry…play some music, have a shower, get some sleep…after you wake up…then you can light up!

2. If you are pregnant – no smoking at all is good when you are pregnant, smoking during pregnancy can lead to low birth babies or at worst…miscarriages.


Have any other weed smoking tips to add? Let me know

pros and cons of weed






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