Not numb enough

It’s Saturday…a beautiful cool breezy Saturday. The kind where the happy sounds of kids playing in the streets and the zigzagging of kites hum in the air, breeze rustling leaves and the doves cooing makes you just drunk with sleep. It would feel like paradise. So beautiful.

Yet you are not allowed to forget that just two days ago after the smoke cleared from a sudden gun battle the body of a young man was discovered, not only killed by the gun…but had his brain made mush by his murderers stomping in his splattered face as they, I imagined celebrated their ‘win’. In spite of the breeze and the deceitful calm, you also dare not forget the 14 bullets to the head of another young man hardworking but gay, or the crowd gathered around his lifeless body and unrecognizable face, smart phones in hand ready to snap the disgrace.

I wonder is nature numb to this place? The buses ply the route, the taxi’s go about their business, mothers gone to market, the sun shines, the breeze blow, the beautiful hills are green and fertile while the ocean blue and inviting. Otherwise, Caribbean bliss yet we know this isn’t the end, when will the next body fall, who will it be this time. Yet, you could be tricked to think there is no anxiety.

I’m not numb enough, I’m anxious and scared, it hit my dreams last night where masked men asked me to kneel and while I begged for my life and the chance to be a mother the masked teens, didn’t even seem slightly bothered. I jumped up from that nightmare before it went any further only to hear the eerie screaming and bawling of a ‘warner woman’ preaching for repentance, bawling that it is too much.

Kingston 2.




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