The Waste of Crime

A young promising Rastafarian, reggae artist was murdered by another Rasta man, his taxi driver on Bob Marley’s birthday, as he made his way to Bob Marley’s birthday celebration at Bob Marley museum at 56 Hope Road, Bob’s old home. FranceNooks20180207C

For Marley’s birthday I wrote a blog how I believe that Reggae music and Rastafarians have fallen asleep, lost their respect and their place in Jamaican culture, a total depart from the origins of Rasta and the real work that the great Bob Marley is known for, which is the use of music to advocate for peace, love and unity.  With more concerns being around money and Grammy’s, the seeds of ‘babylon’, and less concerns being on influencing  justice, rights and freedoms.

That blog got very few hits, but was referenced by Emma Lewis’ Petchary Blog (Read more).  The blogs about the murders of Simone and Corey, however, were very popular as people seem gravitate more to stories of pain, all of us are in  lalala land being affected by the crime.  I personally no longer look forward to leaving my house, and will only do so because I cannot find an alternative to me leaving home.  Whoever isn’t being affected by this are the people who are doing it.

France got dressed and left home to celebrate a legend, no doubt with the hopes that he too will be a legend one day, with the ability to speak his truth and teach, to carry on a legacy that was left by Bob Marley.  Since my mom came home from work, crying about the blood of the beautiful young man, that she had to clean up after he jumped the fence and ran for his life, to save his life, hopeful that he will live, as she saw the doctors begin to try and save his life, immediately as they saw him. Since, browsing through my Facebook and seeing my friend posting a picture, saying her cousin was murdered for $100.Making the connection, I wondered how to be the one to tell my mother that the young man was dead.  Andrews Memorial Hospital was praying for France to live, and though I knew from my mother’s experience that he would not live, I didn’t dare tell her otherwise.

How many more senseless an gruesome murders do we need read about or hear of while passing a shop, how many more do we need to realise that something serious has to be done.  We have become consumers of pain, our guts and minds filled with hopelessness void of purpose or inspiration.  Content to just sit in a corner and say our Oh My’s like a prayer. The church is obsessively concerned with sex, in particularly anuses, and least about being the space it once was for young people, the out of school youth who is said to become bait for gunmen and gangs.  The police, the justice system business and employment, all avenues for security and growth are closed to many and only open if you have money. Corruption is open and available to everyone willing to participate, just like to buy a knife like the one used to cut through France’s heart, liver and kidney, can be bought for little on the streets by even a 2 year old.  Corruption is available and many of us partake in it…directly and indirectly.  Although we feel some fake comfort in standing a far off, with our oh My’s and our short-lived dramatic empathy, we are part of the problem.

Every body at all levels is looking for comfort and money, a life and whatever other algorithm you choose to apply.  We take a robot-taxi, illegal because we desire to achieve our objective of getting to where we want fast, and so a young man who has done everything he was supposed to and now seeks employment would love one that will get him to his visions fast…both at whatever the cost.  We could chose to take the public transportation, as he could choose if available any job…once a job, if he is lucky enough to get a job.

We make choices everyday, but we have chosen to be consumers of pain…not initiators or supporters of action…just talkers.  We all have a platform that can be used. I will recommend the following:

  1. Find out more about your community organisation, and get involved, start slow first by just finding out, observing, participating.  If you don’t have a community organisation considering starting one…which is a group of people organised around a similar interest and activity.  I recommend you start slow: for ex
    1. a reading club for 5 to 7 year old
    2. a skills club for women – teaching them to apply makeup while discussing a topic
    3. Finding about the available support services organisations and their roles and distributing that to friends via text messages.
  2. Try to eliminate activities that act as a gateway to crime, for example, taking illegal transportation, typically known to be chased by police, engaged in crazy driving that put peoples lives at risk.  Start of slow…challenge yourself.  Pick up walking, use it as exercise, as opposed to waiting for too long for transportation.  Manage your time and leave out earlier, take sometime and plan
  3. Get some exercise, play, laugh, read, do some of the things you like, live.  Deliberately seek to fill your surroundings and experiences with positive stories and positive vibe, pray meditate, feel GOOD.


I listened to some of France’s music, he had a platform with some real promise, with what seems like lyrics and alliances to get them heard, The Lineage Music Group family is a strong talented one, one that gave me a bit of hope for Rasta’s ability to be resurface and begin to be a present voice in relation to our country’s ills. Like Bob Marley, never shut up, in spite of the challenges he had, I pray our Rasta’s begin to make themselves heard once again.

To France’s loved ones and family:  I advise you please, too seek help, get counselling, band together and become stronger.  Speak out against crime and violence as even it now kicks down the doors of your hearts.  Criminals must not be tolerated! The mothers and fathers and cousins and girlfriends that are aware of these actions, must understand that ‘today fi mi but tomorrow fi yuh’, we are all connected and although something may not be at our doors today, if will certainly be kicking those same doors in tomorrow, we cannot ignore this.  We have to act.

The persons who were in the illegal taxi who witnessed the murder, and knows that a young man’s life was taken for no real good reason and his family friends and future were snatched senselessly, need to come forth and say something.  You are most responsible for standing up.  Without people like you, we will never fix our crime problem, we will only get worse.  The system tricked us with ‘informer fi dead’ and this is now where we are at…in a pit of hell.  Where we have allowed the devil to lurk and pull and use at will whoever it chooses for fake money when we already know money can’t buy life.



4 thoughts on “The Waste of Crime

  1. This is so painful to read. I heard about the stabbing but did not know the tragic story behind it. Well, to be honest – they are all tragic stories. Thank you for your passionate, unvarnished posts. How strange and sad that this is linked to the Bob Marley piece you wrote, in the saddest possible way. Bob must be weeping…


  2. Just to add that the link that you included to my article is not actually on my personal blog, but on Global Voices, which I am a contributor to. Thank you for including the link. And the advice you included also is well worth taking note of.

    Liked by 1 person

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