Leave Gun men alone!

Santa Claus is a nice happy white man that lives in the North-pole…once a year he leaves his North Pole…his cold frigid home with a sleigh powered by reindeers filled to the capacity with beautiful toys made by loving yet hardworking elves, who cheerfully labour to bring good cheer to all the good boys and girls!

We have many Santa-Claus type beliefs its seems, one most relevant is believing that to stop crime we MUST stop GUNMEN! How absolutely miraculously profound!

Nothing pisses me off more than the short-sighted, misguided, loan-having, house-slaves who turn up their noses at CRIME.  These light-stealing, underhand dealing, networking cronies who have reached…and wish to continue with their head in the sand because their payslips look different from the other man.  GTFOH!

The recent hypocritical focus on crime, because a tourist was shot and killed in Montego Bay and the hyper-flared fingers pointing to this surprisingly ‘sudden’ realization that Jamaica has a crime ‘problem’, is now getting on top of my nerves.

The focus on ‘gunmen’ is disingenuous at best.  At worst, it is hypocritical and perpetuates corruption by trying to blame our problem on the one group that is at the bottom of the ladder in responsibility for the ‘shit-hole’ we are in.  A shit-hole created by greed and bolstered by our characteristic dry eye ‘boasiness’.  Gun-men do not profit from crime, they lose.  With a life-expectancy of 25 they lose.  Families lose, fathers, brothers, uncles, potential breadwinners.

Gun men do not want guns, they want an opportunity to live, enjoy Jamaica, take care of their families.  They want a future like everyone else, but Jamaica is not fair! This unfairness is systemic, whole communities. Where to get an opportunity you have to lie on a resume, put your address on it and it makes it to the file 13 for future non-reference. The real criminals are the politicians who bring the guns to the boys…telling them how they will get work and food, if they do the crime…the commodity is lives for guns.  Where do you think they get guns from? Did they buy these expensive machinery with their savings?  Where the cheapest gun is valued at a minimum of JMD150k, bullets costing JMD$2k each.  Where do you think they get the bullets?

Criminal coordinators (not gunmen) protect their interests until its time to recruit fresh blood, when gun men realise that the promises and the guns are not giving them what was promised by the coordinators, they are set-up to be replaced/murdered to make way for new ones.

I heard on the news this morning that over 100 men have been detained since the Mobay State of Emergency, and it dawned on me…where are we going to put them?  Lets say they can actually be charged…which court…when cases have piled up due to archaic processes and ofcourse corruption?  Free up the court system!!!  Read recently where Montague has purchased a machine to track and shut-down cell-phones as part of his crime plan…because 2400 phones are stolen annually.  I wondered if Montague drinking ‘mad-puss-piss’, what exactly is the relevance of such a machine to a station that is still writing in big book with pens, why not invest in more modern ways of capturing data that may be easier to retrieve and analyse.

The truth is…NO ONE wants the system to get better as in its state, it is much easier to manipulate and therefore to ‘mek a money’.  If you want to do something to stem crime and unfairness…start with yourself, do what is right…stop participating in illegal activity however small, stop taking robot taxis, and insist that transportation be more effective.  Do not let up on instances of political corruption, for every scandal or corrupt politician that we let off, please know that he has a couple hundred guns and gunman on his payroll…the most effective crime strategy would be to audit every single councillor and politician, ensure they declare their assets.  We need an Indecom for politicians, who use their position to fatten their purses, with the blood of our uneducated innercity boys!

Crime doesn’t begin with the gunman…and it certainly will not end with them either.  If you believe in States of Emergency, or any effort targeting the gunman directly , I suppose you believe in fairies, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy!  You are a madhatter

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