Omar Colleymore – when Karma haunts

omar colleymoreIn a story that rocked Kingston, inked on the lips of many people and online spaces, Omar Colleymore was named as the primary suspect in the shooting murder of his wife, Simone Colleymore, outside their marital home that she reportedly packed up and left the day before. It could have been one of the more common stories of a woman leaving her man, who, under duress snaps and the woman is dead, except that the husband didn’t kill Simone in a panicked rage. Rather, it appeared to be a planned execution of innocent Simone and her innocent cab driver.

Simone Colleymore and her taxi driver, was murdered on January 2, 2018, in Kingston, as at January 19 over 70 persons have been murdered, the Prime Minister, Andew Holness has rightly declared a state of emergency for the most violent city in Jamaica, Montego Bay. The SOE has reportedly cornered an illegal petrol rink arresting 7 persons, posting a list of wanted men (boys) 4 of which fall in the 15 to 19 age group,  as reported on the 5pm news.

Omar Colleymore and a friend, were murdered today, in the parking lot of Proven Investments, located on Belmont Road in Kingston. As the news of the chilling gun play hit the streets, I am sure some were satisfied that he was killed almost in the exact same way his wife was murdered. Almost instant Karma? As Mr. Colleymore and friend, pulled into the parking lot at 11am, with marriage certificate and investment contract, presumably to begin the process to collect his benefits from Simone Campbell’s unfortunate murder, he became the target of gunmen who were already parked and waiting.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness and his security outfit were battling and evidently baffled by inordinately HIGH crime statistics last year, and 2018 has gotten off to a whopping start.

Simone and Omar’s murders could be held to suggest that Jamaica’s crime is not random or petty, but calculated acts of offense or reprisal. Almost everything can be bought or sold, and in our current economic state where money is scarce, the market for wrong doing is booming, with dynamic supply and demand factors. To get a boy from the ghetto to injure or kill someone is chillingly easy…’come up wid di butta’, and you will not be short of handymen to carry out your wishes…like a job…with a smile.

The surviving family members are never mentioned or noted in these murders. The Colleymore’s are survived by 2 young children, whose memory of their parents will perhaps be dictated by the stories that will show up in a Google Search. They will read of how their father was a suspect in the murder of the woman who loved and cared for them, and how he was murdered days later. In moments when they need their mother and father, they will be alone. As much as we know of the situation, not one living soul will be able to feel how they will feel in the future, no one knows how this fact will shape their little personalities through to adulthood. These series of incidents, have created a stain, unlike the too many that happen in Jamaica, breaking families and breaking hearts…another spiral in the cycle of life.




R.I. P Simone

R.I.P Greed of Omar

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