I love me

We all fall down…only the strong get back up.

I fell down on my writing….words are my comforter…creating with words…one of my passions. Heart swollen when I write scraping the black junk off my heart and someone gets it…like feeling the rivers of my thoughts as if they flowed through your own veins.  I like to write, but my writing is raw…it is my escape…my prairie, my nudity….the place I let it go…to be free. My writings are all about me.  My feelings…my soul, all the lessons I am told…the very things that rattle my bones.

I have hated me for a while now, failure stuck to me like a diseased siamese for everyone to see…eating the heart left in my chest…sucking the soul from my breath.  In a frantic bid to stay alive…I jumped and switched to the other side.  Perfectly thinking changing my perspective would indeed change my entire life.

Her name is Madison…his name was Rasson.
I don’t believe it was written anywhere…Rasson and I were never meant to be, he was a rush decision without any thought, a blind commitment the one fraught with fear, it was stupid and foolish as I was trying so hard to love him…it would’ve been better to attempt loving me. Unfortunately I chose another road…fortunately it led me to she.  The place where I had to be better, happier, stronger….I had to learn to love me.

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